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Quantum-interfaced Scheduler to support 802.1qbh

Sumit Naiksatam <[[1]]> <


In a cluster comprising of 802.1qbh-based systems, the decision of where to place the VM depends on the availability of a "dynamic" nic on a patricular system (to which the VIF plugs into). This availability information can be obtained from Quantum network service (supporting the 802.1Qbh extensions). The scheduler interfaces with Quantum using a Quantum client library, and obtains the hostname information. The VM is then scheduled on this host. On the Quantum side, a corresponding "dynamic" vnic is reserved for this VM, which is made available to the VIF driver on request. This scheduler is in fact not limited to 802.1qbh, and can be used as a generic Quantum-interfaced scheduler since it delegates the scheduling decision to Quantum.


quantum/plugins/cisco/nova/quantum_aware_scheduler.py implements this scheduler which communicates with the Quantum network service and obtain the hostname information on which to schedule the next instance. This information is obtained on the basis of the instance information (id, project_id, and user_id) information supplied by the scheduler to Quantum.

The following configuration needs to be added/edited to the /etc/nova/nova.conf file: