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Liberty Code Sprint

This code sprint is a a few days of dedicated effort to finish some higher priority work items which are still outstanding for the Liberty cycle.

Work items

A tentative list of work items (you don't have to update things here, feel free to just add to the etherpad)

  • Test Results Dashboard
  • Tempest CLI and workflow improvements
  • Tempest resources config
  • Devstack neutron rewrite
  • tempest-lib service client migration
    (Result) We have already prepared most compute service clients for the migration, and the first step is agents_client.
    The latest tempest-lib(0.9.0) contains agents_client, and we are switching to tempest-lib's agents_client in Tempest: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/224057/
    After this, we will share the migration working items on https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tempest-lib-service-client-migration , and make the progress forward.
    After all compute service clients are migrated to tempest-lib, we will work for network(neutron) service clients as the next target.



Time and Location

Mon. Sept 14th at 9:00am to Wed. Sept 16th

HP Fort Collins Office - Building #6

3404 E Harmony Road

Fort Collins, CO


  1. Cambria hotel & Suites Fort Collins
    2921 E Harmony Rd
    Fort Collins, CO 80528

  2. Hilton Garden Inn Fort Collins
    2821 E Harmony Rd
    Fort Collins, CO 80528

Both hotels provide shuttle bus service to the HP office. See front desk to reserve.


Airport: Denver International Airport (DEN)

Transportation to/from Denver Int'l Airport and Fort Collins:

  • Green Ride Shuttle
    Green Ride Booth located in Main terminal, Level 5
    Under the tent on the West side
    Open daily 9am to midnight

  • SuperShuttle
    SuperShuttle Booth located in Main terminal, Level 5
    Between women's restroom and ground transportation on SW side
    Open daily 6am to 11:30pm daily

  • Avis Rent A Car
    Click here for airport map

How to access the code sprint remotely

Given the nature of this code sprint remote participation can be a bit difficult. This is because there isn't a single conversation or thread of work going on at once. People will split into smaller groups and work on something. So having a remote session with remote members using something like google hangouts or a conference number wouldn't really work.

The primary methods of following and participating in the sprint will be over IRC and through the etherpad. Detailed notes will be taken via the etherpad as things happen in the room. Including patches to review, any implementation plans, or overview of discussions. Also, everyone participating in the sprint will likely be logged into IRC on the #openstack-qa channel on Freenode. So if semi-realtime communication is needed you can use that. If you're participating remotely feel free to add on to the etherpad and document any work you're doing in relation to what's happening in the sprint.

Also note, if there is a need to have a "face to face" conversation while remote a google hangout or a phone call can likely be established in an on-demand basis with any remote participant when it makes sense. This just won't be the modus operandi for remote participation.

Health Tips

For our visitors who come from lower altitudes, we encourage the following measures to avoid altitude sickness:

  • Drink a LOT of water.
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Avoid excessive exertion.
  • Avoid excessive use of alcoholic beverages.
  • Avoid excessive use of caffeine.
  • Avoid overexposure to the sun and use plenty of sunscreen.


Name IRC name Comments Email
Matthew Treinish mtreinish mtreinish AT kortar.org
David Paterson dpaterson david_paterson AT dell.com
Ken'ichi Ohmichi oomichi ken1ohmichi AT gmail.com
David Lyle david-lyle dklyle0 AT gmail.com
Cody Somerville cody-somerville cody.somerville AT hp.com
Carl Baldwin carl_baldwin Fort Collins Local carl AT ecbaldwin.net
Andrea Frittoli andreaf Will join remotely andreaf AT hp.com
Ryan Moats regXboi driving in for Monday and Tuesday rmoats AT us.ibm.com
Truong Le truongle let AT us.ibm.com
Mark Welch mlwelchatibm mlwelch AT us.ibm.com
Anita Kuno anteaya anteaya AT anteaya DOT info
John Griffith jgriffith john.griffith8@gmail.com
Austin Clark austin81 Will be on location Tuesday, remote M/W austin.clark AT hp.com
Tim Buckley timothyb89 In office Monday/Wednesday timothy.jas.buckley AT hp.com
Joshua Hesketh jhesketh joshua.hesketh AT rackspace.com
Marc Koderer mkoderer Remote marc.koderer AT telekom.de
Chris Hoge hogepodge chris@openstack.org
Hirofumi Ichihara hichihara Remote ichihara.hirofumi AT gmail.com
Yaroslav Lobankov ylobankov Remotely ylobankov AT mirantis.com
John Warren jswarren jswarren AT us.ibm.com
Doug Wiegley dougwig dougw AT a10networks.com
Dan Moravec moravec moravec AT us.ibm.com
Sean Collins sc68cal sean AT coreitpro.com
Dhiana Deva ddeva Joining remotely ddeva AT thoughtworks.com
Matt Kassawara Sam-I-Am Monday only mkassawara AT gmail.com
Caio Carrara ccarrara Remotely ccarrara AT thoughtworks.com