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What is puppet-openstack-cloud?

The puppet-openstack-cloud is a flexible Puppet composition layer capable of configuring the core OpenStack services.

There are a lot of moving pieces in OpenStack, consequently there are several Puppet modules needed to cover all these pieces. Each module is then made up of several class definitions, resource declarations, defined resources, and custom types/providers. A common pattern to reduce this complexity in Puppet is to create a composite module that bundles all these component type modules into a common set of configurations. This module is doing this compositing and exposing a set of variables needd to be successful in getting a functional stack up and running.

Contributing to puppet-openstack-cloud

Report a bug

Use Launchpad to report a bug.

Submit Code

puppet-openstack-cloud is hosted in the Stackforge Development repo on GitHub. Contributions can be made through the standard openstack gerrit process (see: development workflow) to the stackforge/puppet-openstack-cloud project.


puppet-openstack-cloud is released under an Apache 2.0 license.