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These docs are outdated, but kept here for historical reasons and search access. To view the latest docs, please refer to http://docs.openstack.org/developer/puppet-openstack-guide/

This page does not replace the PTL guide, but aims to add more informations about specific tasks related to Puppet OpenStack team.

Community group manager

The PTL would keep abreast of upcoming meetings (summits, OPS meetups) where it would be interesting for our community to be represented.

Meetings organization

  • Publish a meeting agenda a minimum one day before the meeting on openstack-dev mailing list.
  • Orchestrate the meeting to make sure timing is respected, topics are covered and take notes of taken actions.
  • Publish meeting notes on the Mailing-list and Wiki (for archive / easy search purposes).

Bug triage / management

Keep Launchpad bugs in a sane status, make triage when needed and also organize team triage sessions (during weekly meetings or sprints).

Maintain a list of active subject and directions using a backlog

Make sure our Trello board is regularly updated.

OpenStack Cross-Project liaison

Communicate with other OpenStack projects when needed and attend Meetings/CrossProjectMeeting.