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Puppet/Backport policy

These docs are outdated, but kept here for historical reasons and search access. To view the latest docs, please refer to http://docs.openstack.org/developer/puppet-openstack-guide/

This page documents Puppet OpenStack backport policy.

Can be backported

  • Critical and High bugs fixes, if reported in Launchpad.
  • Features if they don't change anything in the stable interface and only if backward compatibility is fully respected. Also if the feature works for the OpenStack release where it's backported to.

Cannot be backported

  • Medium and Low bug fixes
  • Features that break backward compatibility or change the existing interface (default values or name of parameters).

Merge Conflict

  • Explain in commit message what is conflicting and how it's resolved.
  • Document the changes between master and stable branches in the code or in the commit message.