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Project codename: OpenStack Dashboard

Summary (one sentence abstract of the project): A Django based web user interface for managing OpenStack compute, storage, system administration, and more.

Detailed Description:

This project provides a Django module named django-openstack, as well as a reference implementation of a full Django site that can either function by itself or serve as a template for other users or organizations that want to customize their own dashboard. Due to the customizable nature of Django, any submodule provided by django-openstack may be used or not depending on the target installation's requirements.

Basic roadmap for the project: https://launchpad.net/openstack-dashboard/diablo

Location of project source code: http://launchpad.net/openstack-dashboard

Programming language, required technology dependencies: Django/Python

Is project currently open sourced? What license?: Apache 2.0

Level of maturity of software and team: Under development for over 2 years with approximately 10 contributors.

Proposed project technical lead and qualifications: Devin Carlen, creator of the project and current nova-core member.

Other project developers:

  • Todd Willey
  • Jake Dahn
  • Anthony Young
  • Jesse Andrews
  • Joshua McKenty
  • Jeff Lindsay
  • William Trekell
  • Rahan Khozein
  • Jessy Kate Schingler
  • Tres Henry
  • Mark Gius
  • Mike Szilagyi
  • Jeff Wilcox

Infrastructure requirements (testing, etc): Unit testing is currently performed by Jenkins. Functional and integration tests can be accomplished the same way.

Have all current contributors agreed to the OpenStack CLA? Yes

Status: Approved on 6/21/20111