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Outreachy Applicants Guide

Outreachy Applicants Guide

How can you communicate with your mentors and community members?

Communication in the OpenStack community happens either via IRC or via OpenStack discuss mailing list.

We recommend using IRC. Matrix will help you to stay connected all the time to the network. In case you missed any conversation in a public channel, do not worry. The logs from official public channels are being kept and you can revisit them.

Setting up your accounts

Here is a contributor guide for you to set up all accounts you will need.

Setting up your devstack environment using a VM

In order to test changes, you will need to have an OpenStack environment. You can get an environment through Devstack. We do not recommend devstack to be installed in your local OS. Instead, we recommend it to be installed inside a virtual machine. This guide covers how to create a virtual machine for a devstack installation. If you are using Manila, instead of using the default local.conf file, you should use a custom local.conf.

OpenStack Manila

What is this Manila all about

Manila derived from the Cinder project and provides a canonical storage provisioning control plane in OpenStack for shared or distributed file systems similarly to the way Cinder provides such a canonical control plane for block storage.

The design and implementation of Manila provide extensibility for multiple backends (to support vendor or file system specific nuances / capabilities) but is sufficiently abstract to accommodate any of a variety of shared or distributed file system types.

More details are available on this wiki

How can you contribute to manila?

For contributing to Manila, please take a look at the contributor guide.

Links to get out and do more advanced stuff



    • Devstack is failing with "Could not determine host ip address."
      • This often happens when you are setting up devstack in a local VM. The lack of a HOST_IP value in your local.conf file could be the cause to the issue.