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Tracing OpenStack logs across services can be a complex task due to all the interactions that happen from service to service. Highly available OpenStack environments are even more complex to debug since API requests can land any active load balanced controller, and subsquent communications can be distributed over other services which are also distributed and again load balanced.

os-log-merger is an OpenStack project which produces tools to help debugging openstack logs by aggregation.

Future plans

  • Easier download and aggregation of logs from logs.openstack.org, although we have some support at the moment, we'd like to make it possible to download last CI logs based on the review id.
  • Output coloring for easy tracing
  • Filtering of aggregated logs:
  * by request-id context
  * by timestamp ranges
  * automatic follow up of requests once a request-id is found..
  • Logstash integration

Core Team

  • Miguel Ángel Ajo Pelayo (ajo)
  • Gorka Eguileor (geguileo)
  • Daniel Álvarez Sanchez (dalvarez)


IRC #openstack-os-log-merger on Freenode
Mailing List OpenStack dev list, prefix with [os-log-merger]
Milestones https://launchpad.net/os-log-merger/+milestones
Bug tracker (moving to storyboard soon) https://bugs.launchpad.net/os-log-merger
Blueprints(moving to storyboard soon) https://blueprints.launchpad.net/os-log-merger
Usage examples / documentation https://pypi.org/project/os-log-merger/


A good place to start is by reading at the How_To_Contribute to OpenStack page.