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OpenStack Upstream Training/Admin

Administration tasks for Upstream Training

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Used to create the event. The signup process requires applicants to specify their intentions, which areas to focus on.

Engage with applicants at regular intervals to make sure they are fully engaged and understand what they sign up for. 4 weeks before the event send them a notification to start engaging with teachers and mentors. 2 weeks before the event, remind them to pick a bug and setup their development environment.

Volunteer staff should fill out the mentor form, then they will be added to the Trello board. From the board, staff picks one card from the Applicants list, move the card to next list Mentor picked and send the applicant the engagement email (suggested text below).

Mentors should help the applicants select a simple bug to fix or another very simple work item, based on the interests and objectives of the applicant. The work item will be executed after the training in classroom.

Email messages

Welcome email, at signup
Subject: Welcome to OpenStack Upstream Training
Nice to e-meet you and thanks for subscribing to the OpenStack Upstream Training. The objective of the two day session is to improve your understanding of OpenStack's contribution process and help you become more effective at merging code in OpenStack. The training is designed to be practical, it begins *now* before and will continue after, with mentoring sessions until your first contribution is completed. 

If you haven't done it already, get familiar with OpenStack Upstream Training [OpenStack_Upstream_Training/Info#Objectives objectives],  [OpenStack_Upstream_Training/Info#Course_Outline schedule] and [OpenStack_Upstream_Training/Info#Prerequisites pre-requisites].

Please start engaging with your mentor by replying to this message, explaining what you would like to work on and what your personal objectives are for this class. The mentor will help you select a low hanging fruit bug to fix and send you further instructions.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions regarding the  training program.
Engagement email, sent by mentor
TL;DR: Pick three bugs from the list below and setup your laptop for the training.

The OpenStack Upstream Training is just a few days away, in Vancouver Convention Centre. We will meet on Saturday, May 16, 2015 at 9:30am and will continue on Sunday May 17, until 5pm.

To make the best out of the training, please select three bugs from the list OpenStack's known bugs that are simple to fix (Low Hanging Fruit): https://goo.gl/HX9Nxa  and assign to you at least one that you feel comfortable working on, based on your interests and experience. 

The goal of the training will be to get your work accepted upstream. It is best to chose a contribution that is easy so you can focus on learning the contribution process, tools and social rules of OpenStack community. Remember that Upstream Training will continue with mentoring sessions online after the class until the work you choose is complete.

If you have doubts on how to pick and assign a bug to you, please reply to this email and we'll help you out.

Setup your laptop to be able to follow the training. You will need:

  * A laptop capable of connecting to wireless networks and at least 8GB RAM for next point
  * A virtual machine running Ubuntu (or any other operating system you feel confortable with when working on OpenStack)

It is worth double checking that this works well in advance. If you feel adventorous you can start reading how to setup the OpenStack development environment (devstack) in a virtual machine http://docs.openstack.org/developer/devstack/guides/single-vm.html

The OpenStack Upstream Training Staff

note: If your laptop is not powerful enough to run devstack we'll try to provide openstack-based virtual machines in public clouds.

A link to all Low Hanging Fruit bugs

Lego management

The Lego need to be shipped weeks ahead of time to volunteers near the convention center. They will help assemble the buildings and bring them to the facility the morning when the training starts, or the evening before, as soon as the rooms are ready.

After the class, the Lego can be displayed in the expo floor.

After the show, the Lego need to be packaged and shipped back to FNTech facilities.

Lego material

  • estimate per student 750g of assorted bulk Lego bricks for the creative session
  • at least two buildings per classroom of the Lego City series

Currently the Foundation owns London Bridge, Sidney Opera House, Pet Store, Cinema, French Restaurant.

Program Improvements Road Map

A list of student and volunteer suggestions for program improvement is on the etherpad server at upstream-program-roadmap