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OpenStack API Gap Analysis

List of Nova features that are not (yet) accessible through the OpenStack API


  • Ability to lockout a user for some time period after failed auth.
  • Describe zones and regions (replaced with Sandy's zone work).


  • Describe instance types (list flavors).
  • CRUD users and projects (should not be in nova, should be in common auth middleware/server project).
  • Associate roles between users and projects (probably belongs in common auth project too).
  • Start/stop/list running vpns (cloudpipe)


  • CRUD key pairs.
  • Reference stored key pairs for injection.
  • Console output (this is just a dump, not an ajax console).
  • Ajax console works differently between ec2 and OS (I think).
  • Metadata handler for booting instances. Not needed if we switch to only using guest agents or injection.
  • Attach and detach volumes.
  • Attach and detach floating IP addresses (this is not the same as shared IP groups).
  • Associate and disassociate with network security groups.
  • Connect with VPNs.


  • CRUD floating IP addresses.
  • CRUD security groups.


  • CRUD Volumes.

Security Groups (dashboard supports but is disabled at the moment)

  • CRUD Security Groups
  • CRUD Authorization rules