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Old to New Gerrit CI Account

The only process we have for editing information on your Gerrit CI account is for you to create a new account using this self-service process. That way you can edit the information on that account as you need to do.

Gerrit requires unique email addresses for all its accounts. If you want to retain the same address that is currently in use with your Gerrit account, please ask yourself why you need a new account. If you absolutely have to have a new account and retain the same email address, send an email to the openstack-infra mailing list (make sure you are subscribed so you can receive the reply to your post) and identify your current Gerrit CI account and request the associated email be deleted. You can then create a Gerrit CI account yourself with your intended email address.

Note that creating a new Gerrit CI account using the self-serve process will result in having a new SSH username, so you'll need to update your configuration accordingly.

We would like to clean up old accounts that are no longer in use, once you have created new accounts please send an email to the openstack-infra mailing list with the names of the old accounts and "Please Deactivate the enclosed Gerrit CI accounts" as the subject line so that we can deactivate them.