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Glance method filtering does not work under certain conditions


Glance is using the Python assert statement for validating the HTTP method type in its caching middleware for some image endpoints. The Python documentation states that when optimization is requested (command line option -O), assert statements will not be evaluated. This results in a condition where these method validations will not occur and can allow a specific method to be called with a different HTTP verb.

Affected Services / Software

Glance, Icehouse, Juno, Kilo


Glance uses the Python assert statement to validate the HTTP method for some of the image endpoints in the version 1 and 2 REST interfaces. In circumstances where glance is being run with Python optimization enabled (by using the -O command line option), these assert statements will not be evaluated. In these cases, the HTTP verb is unchecked for the requested endpoints.

The endpoints and methods affected by this are the following:

  • GET on /v1/images/{image_id}
  • DELETE on /v1/images/{image_id}
  • GET on /v2/images/{image_id}/file
  • DELETE on /v2/images/{image_id}

This can lead to access violations in some configurations. For example, if filtering were occurring in front of the glance API to restrict queries based on HTTP method and IP address, an attacker could circumvent this filtering by matching the endpoint regular expression and providing a different HTTP verb. In this example an attacker would be able to download or delete images from glance.

Assuming a user were restricted by network filtering to only send DELETE requests to the glance API endpoint. The user could attempt to circumvent the filtering by sending a well crafted request to the endpoint that would actually retrieve the named image. If an image ID were known to be "12345", then a DELETE request sent to the glance API endpoint "/v2/images/12345/file" would end up matching the GET URI pattern. This would retrieve the image from glance, thus exploiting the filtering.

Recommended Actions

As of the Kilo-rc1 release of glance, this vulnerability has been patched. It has also been backported to the stable branch of the Juno release and will be officially updated in the 2014.2.4 tag of glance. This will not be fixed for Icehouse.

Kilo deployments should be updated to the rc1 tag. Juno deployments should be updated to the 2014.2.4 tag. Operators maintaining Icehouse deployments of glance should consider upgrading to the Juno 2014.2.4 release.

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