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API Working Group Liaisons

The API working group is a cross-functional team that tries to improve the developer experience of API users by converging the OpenStack API to a consistent and pragmatic RESTful design. The Nova team has individuals that serve as liaisons to the API working group.

Responsibilities of Liaisons

Individuals serving as the Nova/API working group liaisons have the following responsibilities:

1.Monitor the active patch queue in nova (and nova-specs) and look out for any patch that adds or changes the REST API

2. For each patch collected in #1, determine if the constructs used in the patch (or proposed spec) match the guidance currently laid out in the API working group repo's guidance documents.

3. If the patch does NOT match the guidance from the API working group, do a code review on the patch pointing to the guidance from the API working group, and ask the author to align with that guidance. Include in your research patches to the API working group that may actually be in review and not merged. (An example of this recently occurred with Sergey Nikitin's re-proposed instance tagging spec: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/177112/. See Ryan Brown's reference to an in-progress API working group guidance on tagging)

4. If there is NO guidance in the API working group repo for a particular proposed API change or addition, the liaison should **either** create a proposed patch to the API working group with guidance that clarifies the missing functionality that is introduced in the new Nova patch or spec patch, and bring the proposed guidance to the attention of the API working group. **or** the liaison should working with a member of the API working group to draft such a guideline. The liaison should mark the corresponding Nova patch with a -1 Code Review vote with a link to the proposed guideline, noting that the patch should be put on hold (Work In Progress) until the guideline is merged.

Liberty release cycle liaisons

  • Matthew Gilliard (gilliard)
  • Alex Xu (alex_xu)