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User Scenarios

Scenario 1. Create a VPNService for tenant

  1. Log in as user.
  2. Go to VPN screen. In VPNServices tab (it opens by default) click Create VPNService.
  3. Provide VPNService details, click Ok. New VPNService without any connections will appear in VPNServices tab.

Scenario 2. Create policies

  1. Log in as user
  2. Go to VPN screen. In IKEPolicies tab click Create IKEPolicy.
  3. Provide IKEPolicy details, click Ok. New IKEPolicy will appear in IKEPolicies tab.
  4. Go to IPsecPolicies tab and click Create IPsecPolicy.
  5. Provide IPsecPolicy details, click Ok. New IPsecPolicy will appear in IPsecPolicies tab.

Scenario 3. Create a VPNConnection for tenant

  1. Log in as user
  2. Go to VPN screen, VPNConnections tab. Click Create VPNConnection.
  3. Provide VPNConnection details. Associate with the VPNService id, IKEPolicy id and IPsecPolicy id. Click Ok.
  4. VPNConnection will be available to edit in VPNConnections tab.

Screen mock-ups

VPN screen