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Neutron ML2 Driver For Tail-f NCS


The Tail-f NCS Mechanism Driver implements the ML2 Plugin Mechanism Driver API.

It allows OpenStack to talk to the Tail-f Network Control System (NCS) and let NCS provision a multi-vendor network in response to OpenStack network configuration changes.

NCS transforms generic request from OpenStack into device-specific configuration changes that are deployed to the network with transactional guarantees.


  • NCS Version 2.3 or above

Directory Structure

The Tail-f NCS mechanism driver can be found here:



Add the following to /etc/neutron/neutron.conf where <ncs hostname> is the hostname or ip address to the server where NCS is running. You also need to add a user to NCS with the right permissions.

    url = http://<ncs hostname>:8080/api/running/openstack
    username = NCS username
    password = NCS password