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Warning icon.svg Warning - Deprecated

As of the Queens OpenStack release cycle neutron-lbaas and neutron-lbaas-dashboard are now deprecated. Please see Neutron/LBaaS/Deprecation

Load balancing capabilities for OpenStack have been consolidated under the Octavia project.

Deprecation means that new features will not be added to neutron-lbaas or neutron-lbaas-dashboard and at some point in the future, not prior to the "T" release cycle, neutron-lbaas and neutron-lbaas-dashboard will be archived projects.

Neutron LBaaS BoneYard

This page contains older content that is no longer being kept up to date. Use at your own risk :-)



LBaaS (Load-Balancing-as-a-Service) is currently an advanced service of Neutron. It allows for proprietary and open-source load balancing technologies to drive the actual load balancing of requests. Thus, an OpenStack operator can choose which back-end technology to use. The long-term vision for the project, however, is to provide a single API that allows a user to seamlessly move between different load balancing technologies should the operator choose to do so. While LBaaS is currently part of Neutron, plans are underway to make it a separate project within Openstack yet still under the Networking umbrella. Please see below to see what is currently being worked on for the current cycle.

Neutron LBaaS Architecture


How do I contribute?

First of all thanks for joining our cause! The best way to contribute is to join the discussions on IRC and the mailing list. To get up to speed however, please take a look at the requirements section to see what is on the road-map. It would also benefit you to take a look at the weekly standup etherpad document that gets updated every week. This document will get you up to speed on what each individual team/individual is currently working on. Lastly, don't hesitate to ask community members questions!

Communication Channels

  • IRC: #openstack-lbaas
  • Mailing List: openstack-dev [at] lists [dot] openstack [dot] org. Please prefix subject with '[openstack-dev][Neutron][LBaaS]'

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