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Quantum API WADL Specification

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Provide WADL documents for the Quantum core API and API extensions.

WADL document scope

  • Core APIs will have a WADL document
  • All extension APIs will have its own WADL document
  • Each WADL document will have one application component
  • An application component will have one resources component
  • A resources component will have resource components for each resource entity
    • eg) network, subnet, port, etc.
  • Each resource component will have method components for GET(list, show), POST(create, bulk create), PUT(update), and DELETE(delete).
  • Each method component will have a request component and a optional response component
  • A request or response component will have representation components composed with param components based on the attribute resource map of the API

Use Cases

These are some of the use cases borrowed from the W3 WADL specification.

  • Application Modelling and Visualization
    • Support for development of resource modelling tools for resource relationship and choreography analysis and manipulation.
  • Code Generation
    • Automated generation of stub and skeleton code and code for manipulation of resource representations.
  • Configuration
    • Configuration of client and server using a portable format.

Implementation Overview

Write a python script quantum/tools/wadl/generate_docs.sh and quantum/tools/wadl/extract_attrs.py

  • Process core APIs
    • Retrieve the RESOURCE_ATTR_MAP in quantum.api.v2.attributes
    • Create document quantum/doc/wadl/core.wadl based on the RESOURCE_ATTR_MAP dict.
  • Process API extensions
    • Traverse modules in quantum/quantum/extension and find all subclasses of quantum.extension.ExtensionDescriptor in each module.
    • Retrieve the attr_map property in each ResourceExtension object returned by the get_resources() method of ExtensionDescriptior.
    • Automatically generate WADL document files
      • quantum/doc/wadl/[extention].wadl
  • All data will be populated according to the attr_map for each API extension module

Data Model Changes


Configuration variables




Plugin Interface


Required Plugin support




CLI Requirements


Horizon Requirements


Usage Example

After changing the core API or API extension specification in the source code, the developer will run ./tools/wadl/generate_docs.sh to update the WADL documents in quantum/doc/wadl/

Test Cases

No plans of test cases. However need to check if all API extensions are subclassing from quantum.extension.ExtensionDescriptor beforehand.