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Feature roadmap

Here is the list of candidate features for the release of networking-vpp to coincide with 17.01 and for future releases. The ones we aim to release on the 17.01 platform are highlighted.

Core features

  • LISP-GPE overlay support: this would use the FD.io ONE project (https://wiki.fd.io/view/ONE) as a basis - an implementation of the overlay protocol using the networking-vpp + etcd infrastructure rather than ODL + Honeycomb.
  • Routing full layer 3 support (including NAT, Floating IP, ...) based on VPP as opposed to the Linux router. This would be a swap-in component for the Neutron L3 agent. [Details]
  • Security groups


  • Agent restart, VPP restart
    • Support agent restart without restarting VPP, and vice versa (as of 2016-12-08 if one shuts down we restart the other rather than incrementally fix its config)
    • Automated testing for restart scenarios
    • Unit testing of resync code (resyncs can fail in many different locations, so automated system testing is guaranteed not to catch every possibility)
  • Support and automated testing of driver restart
    • Automated testing for restart scenarios
    • Unit testing of resync code
  • Automated testing of arbitrary startup order of any component
  • Unit tests for code components
  • Automated in-VM testing of VPP deployment as part of the OpenStack gate

High Availability

  • etcd cluster management with or without etcd-proxy
  • Fault injection to the etcd cluster during networking-vpp tests


  • Define a list of metrics to be exported from VPP forwarders to tenants


  • RBAC for etcd
  • TLS support for control connections
  • JSON Web Tokens support