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Murano Open PaaS

Murano Open PaaS is a collection of Murano application, which allows to provide fast and clear solution for deploying PaaS. It contains such applications like: Gerrit, Jenkins, Zuul, etc. These application can be installed as one Meta application, which is consisted of all necessary applications. Also It can be independent application, if user want to use his own Jenkins ans wants to install only Gerrit application. Obviously it provides flexible solution for user clouds and can be easily re-used as much as user want.

How it works

  • These applications can be uploaded in Murano and then installed in user environment.


Get involved


The developers use IRC in #murano-open-paas on Freenode for development discussion.


Currently project has not regular IRC meetings

Mailing list

Discussions about Open PaaS happens on the openstack-dev mailing list. Please use the tag [Murano-Open-PaaS] in the subject line for new threads.