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Migrate From Nova-Volumes to Cinder

The process for migrating from nova-volumes to cinder is as follows.

  1. upgrade nova install to folsom
  2. upgrade nova database using `nova-manage db sync`
  3. install folsom version of Cinder
  4. create a cinder user in keystone as an admin in services tenant and edit '/etc/cinder/api-past.ini' to reflect the correct `admin_user`,`admin_tenant_name`, and `admin_password`
  5. create Cinder database and database user
  6. check that `sql_connection` in `/etc/cinder/cinder.conf` is correct
  7. create empty database tables with cinder-manage db sync
  8. copy over volume tables using `cinder-manage migrate import_db --src=$NOVA_SQL_CONN --dest=$CINDER_SQL_CONN`
   NOTE: Do not include the database names in --src or --dest; cinder-manage assumes your source database is named "nova" and that your destination database is named "cinder", and appends these to the strings you supply.
  1. copy over iSCSI target information with cinder-manage migrate copy_ptgt_files --src=/var/lib/nova-volume/volumes --dest=/var/lib/cinder/volumes
  2. set the correct volume api class in nova.conf `volume_api_class=nova.volume.cinder.API`
  3. disable the nova-volume-api in enabled apis in /etc/nova/nova.conf sed -i "s/osapi_volume,// /etc/nova/nova.conf", if you do not have enabled_apis set explicitly set it to `enabled_apis=ec2,osapi_compute,metadata` as osapi_volume is included by default
  4. restart nova-api
  5. start cinder-api
  6. be sure that `/etc/tgt/conf.d/cinder.conf` exists and has an include line that matches volumes_dir option in `cinder.conf` in the default case this is `include /var/lib/cinder/volumes/*`, if you edit this file restart the tgtd service