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Migrating a Merge Prop From Launchpad to Gerrit

Problem: you have a merge-prop branch in launchpad for nova which you want to propose in gerrit.

  • Set up git-bzr-ng:

$> mkdir -p ~/.bazaar/plugins
$> ln -s $(pwd)/bzr-fastimport/ ~/.bazaar/plugins/fastimport
$> bzr branch lp:python-fastimport
$> bzr branch lp:bzr-fastimport
$> export PYTHONPATH=$(pwd)/python-fastimport
$> bzr selftest fastimport

$> wget -O ~/bin/git-bzr https://raw.github.com/termie/git-bzr-ng/master/git-bzr
$> chmod +x ~/bin/git-bzr

  • Clone nova from git:

$> git clone git://github.com/openstack/nova.git
$> cd nova

  • Import your branch from launchpad:

$> git-bzr import lp:~markmc/nova/iscsi-tgtadm-choice iscsi-tgtadm-choice

  • Merge master and record the result on another branch:

$> git checkout iscsi-tgtadm-choice
$> git merge origin/master
$> git branch iscsi-tgtadm-choice-orig

  • Rebase:

$> git rebase origin/master

  You may find yourself having to resolve a painful amount of conflicts
  because each commit is being rebased onto master. If it gets too painful,
  see below.
  • Perhaps clean up the commits - e.g. merging pep8 fixes into the commit which introduced the pep8 violation

$> git rebase -i origin/master

  • Check the result is the same as before:

$> git diff iscsi-tgtadm-choice-orig

  You should see no difference.
  • Propose the branch

$> ./tools/rfc.sh

Ick! The rebase is painful

Okay, if the rebasing is killing you, then give up and do:

$> git rebase --abort
$> git reset --hard origin/master
$> git merge --squash iscsi-tgtadm-choice-orig
$> git commit -a