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Midokura Third-Party Testing (MTPT) runs a set of Tempest tests on every new patch submitted for review to the upstream master branch of the OpenStack Neutron project. The patch is tested using the Midonet plugin on a Devstack environment to ensure that the patch works with it.

The OpenStack gerrit account name for MTPT is “Midokura CI”.

System Setup

Currently, MTPT runs check-tempest-neutron-midonet-plugin job on a CI system based on Jenkins, Zuul, Gearman and Nodepool to meet the OpenStack requirements.

MTPT is voting +1 on a success and 0 on a failure. To retrigger a build post a comment with "recheck midokura".

List of Publicly Available Logs

Public logs for the testing results are stored in: http://3rdparty-logs.midokura.com/

Contact Information

For any questions or comments, please contact: Lucas Eznarriaga <lucas@midokura.com>, Tomoe Sugihara <tomoe@midokura.com> or <mido-openstack-dev@midokura.com> and on IRC: luqas