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Weekly Third Party meetings

Goals for Third Party meetings

  • drive the collection/aggregation of documentation towards a single place
  • get OpenStack leads talking to other OpenStack leads about issues and solutions in the third party space
  • to work towards a common interface for third party folks who may have contact with multiple projects
    • document the process to get started in the third party testing space
    • document information in a common interface both for projects and for third party organizations
  • to provide a forum for the curious and for OpenStack programs who are not yet in this space but may be in the future
  • to encourage questions from third party folks and support the sourcing of answers
  • work with infra to improve consumability of infra components, this can include refactoring code, offering documentation patches and reviewing current code

Agenda for next Working Group meeting

2016-09-06 1700 UTC

Reference links

Logs from past meetings

Previous meetings, with their notes and logs, can be found at