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Meeting Information

  • Weekly Tuesday 08:00 UTC: 60 mins
  • IRC channel: #openstack-meeting


Please see discussion etherpad and meeting log.

Next: Jan. 11th 2022

Meeting June. 1st 2021

  • "tacker-functional-devstack-multinode*" Zuul tests failure with error: "RETRY_LIMIT"

Meeting Apr. 13th 2021

Meeting Apr. 6th 2021

  • Proposing RC2
  • rebase of python-tackerclient

Meeting Mar. 30th 2021

  • Patch review

Meeting Mar. 23th 2021

  • Patch review

Meeting Mar. 16th 2021

  • Patch review

Meeting Mar. 9th 2021

  • Patch review
  • Error in kolla CI tests

Meeting Mar. 2nd 2021

  • args for MgmtDriver
  • Add blueprint about supporting for placement constraints in Wallaby

Meeting Feb. 30th 2021 (skip)

Meeting Feb. 23rd 2021 (skip)

Meeting Feb. 16th 2021

  • Existing code parameters changing in sample patch K8s-mgmtdriver
  • Zuul FT RETRY_LIMIT erorr

Meeting Feb. 9th 2021

  • Improve UT coverage
  • heat-translator tosca-parser core
  • FT for K8s-MgmtDriver

Meeting Feb. 2nd 2021

  • Backward compatibility of Mgmt Driver

Meeting Jan. 26th 2021

  • Discussion with ETSI NFV IFA/SOL

Meeting Jan. 19th 2021

  • FT for "attach-existing-volume"
  • FT jobs for new features in W-release
  • Slim down contents of Etherpad
  • Change size of instance_id

Meeting Jan. 12th 2021

  • FT for K8s

Meeting Jan. 5th 2021 (skip)

Past Meeting Agenda


Previous Meeting Logs