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Weekly Satori Team Meeting


The charter for the project is focused narrowly on discovering pre-existing infrastructure and installed or running software. For example, given a URL and some credentials, discover which server(s) the URL is hosted on, the topology of the infrastructure and what software is running on each server, as well as, pertinent settings for commonly encountered software like apache, varnish, and mysql.


Ziad_Sawalha (zns on irc)

Sam Stavinoha (samstav on irc)


If you're interested in Configuration Discovery in OpenStack, we hold public meetings weekly in #openstack-meeting-alt, on Monday at 15:00 UTC in freenode.

Agenda for next meeting [2014-09-01]

Agenda items must be added by the previous Thursday (08/28) along with a link to a wiki or document for attendees to be able to read up on and get context before the call on Monday:

 - Review action items from previous meeting [standing item - we start each call with this]
 - Discuss Satori v0.1.5 ( perspective 1 week in )
 - Discuss blueprint for checking powershell version before trying posh_ohai
   - PoSh-Ohai requires Powershell >= v3
 - IDEA: monitoring agent sysinfo provider
 - IDEA: support ssl/tls related checks in satori
 - Discuss roadmap?

Please feel free to add items to the agenda below and we'll cover them.

Previous meetings

Previous meetings, with their notes and logs, can be found under Satori/MeetingLogs