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The whole OpenStack leadership holds a public on-demand cross-project meeting in #openstack-meeting-cp, Tuesdays at 2100 UTC.

All PTLs and CPLs are encouraged to attend, and everyone interested in the discussed topics can join. If you are not on the list, consider adding your nick to the list given at the bottom of this page.

Any cross-team issue is on-topic for this meeting. We'll discuss key release cycle events, common processes, QA and infra changes, news on the documentation front, stable branch issues, hot threads on the mailing-list... Agenda will be closed by the meeting chair one day before the meeting and announced on the openstack-dev mailing-list. If there is nothing to discuss at that point, the meeting will be cancelled.

Next meeting

  • Date: TBD
  • Chair: thingee
  • Location: IRC, #openstack-meeting-cp

Proposed agenda

  • Team announcements (horizontal, vertical, diagonal)
  • Open discussion

Agenda backlog

  • tbd

Previous meetings

This meeting has existed in OpenStack since the very beginning, and changed names and focus over the years. You'll find previous meetings logs there:

Chair rotation

For Liberty, we're organizing a chair rotation so that everyone get a chance to feel how that meeting works and can ultimately suggest evolutions to the format. TC members and PTLs are encouraged to apply, just put your name on this rotation schedule if you are interested. Here is the list of Liberty meeting chairs:

  • May 26 - ttx
  • June 2 - dhellmann
  • June 9 - markmcclain
  • June 16 - ttx
  • June 23 - slicknik
  • June 30 - annegentle
  • July 7 - markmcclain
  • July 14 - nikhil_k
  • July 21 - no meeting
  • July 28 - johnthetubaguy
  • August 4 - markmcclain
  • August 11 - mestery
  • August 18 - emilien
  • August 25 - emilien
  • September 1 - Dims
  • Sept 8 - johnthetubaguy
  • Sept 15 - thingee
  • Sept 22 - thingee
  • Sept 29 - jokke_
  • Oct 6 - markmcclain
  • Oct 13 - emilien
  • Nov 3 - thingee

Meeting chair guide

  • Thanks for volunteering! it will all go well. As you probably already know, we use this meeting as a venue for cross-project communication and discussion. Horizontal projects and vertical project teams get a soap box, anyone can raise a discussoin topics, and we openly discuss cross-project specs there too.
  • The day before the meeting, please review the agenda at the top of this page. If there aren't that many topics proposed, you should consider adding one or two cross-project specs for discussion. Look up the list of open cross-project specs and see which ones haven't been discussed in a meeting yet (looking at the previous meetings logs can help).
  • At least 12 hours before the meeting, send a meeting reminder with the final agenda. You can use the following model, or come up with your own words :)
  • To start the meeting, use #startmeeting crossproject
  • Next, send courtesy pings to the PTLs to remind them of the meeting starting. You can use a tool like http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack-infra/irc-meetings/tree/tools/list_ptls.py and paste the output into your IRC client. Additional (for now) courtesy ping list: nikhil, <add_your_nick>
  • Then, publish the link to the agenda for the meeting (this page).
  • During the meeting, you'll be responsible for pushing the various topics, trying to keep the discussion on topic and actionable, and keeping an eye on the clock. Use #topic to mark each topic change.
  • You can find the near-full list of Meetbot commands here. Instructions for voting (which can be useful for a quick show of hands) live here.
  • During the meeting, don't forget to liberally use #info, #agreed, #action or #link to make sure the critical discussion points will be highlighted in the meeting log. You can encourage other attendees to use those Meetbot keywords as well.
  • To end the meeting, use #endmeeting