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Meetings/LDT/June 2016

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VW: #startmeeting Large Deployments Team June 2016 Meeting
VW: roll call, I suppose
VW: who all do we have today
klindgren: o/
mriedem1 is now known as mriedem
VW: o/
belmoreira: hi
VW: hello, sir! Things good in GVA?
belmoreira: still working :)
VW: excellent!
klindgren: pinging mdorman

VW: #topic Meeting with Glance Team
VW: so, how did the rest of the chat with the Glance devs go?
VW: for those here from LDT that weren't aware, some of this group had a video call with Glance developers last week to discuss a few items
VW: belmoreira, klindgren if either of you want to give a good rundown for logging/posterity, it might be good ;)
klindgren: Sure
klindgren: Basically nikhil reached out from the Austin summit wanting to look at operators painpoints re: glance
klindgren: This was from the informal ops feedback section.  We during previous LDT meetings had also talked about looking to glance as the next thing to try to get some improvements/features added to that we all need
klindgren: So I added a bunch of those to the etherpad and I thought we had a fairly good discussion about them.
klindgren: Things like improved quota, improved image lifecycle support, hiercical(sp) project support
belmoreira: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/newton-glance-and-ops-midcycle-sync
klindgren: better image sharing support
klindgren: #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/newton-glance-and-ops-midcycle-sync
klindgren: We also talked about the fact that some of us have multiple backends and we would like to have a way to move to a single  backend.
klindgren: Also after the meeting it came to light that the S3 driver is being dropped from the glance_store
klindgren: Which we currently use the S3 driver driver due to an issue in radosgw on our version of ceph, with the swift endpoint
klindgren: (deleting large snapshots will eventually timeout)
mdorman: o/
VW: we also discussed the direct upload stuff, but it sounded like that was a lot trickier than we would like
mdorman: sorry for late
klindgren: I believe their should be a mailing list post coming out from that and I think some specs got filed
VW: awesome! 
klindgren: I think some other specs were already in progress as well
VW: we should gather those and update the "Current Work Items" section of https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/LDT
VW: which is very out of date :\
klindgren: They were very upfront about the fact that unless something was already in progress this would be after the newton release for any new features
VW: That's Ok - we can at least make sure the right conversations go on realtive to them in Barcelona
VW: maybe drag more LDT and other operators in
belmoreira: but I think it was a good initiative from nikhil and glance team
VW: +1
klindgren: So thats my summary - belmoreira can add more as well
belmoreira: I was particularly interested in quotas for glance
mrhillsman: i'm here as well btw
VW: hey mrhillsman
belmoreira: seems a consensus topic. However the question is more about what kind of quotas glance should support
belmoreira: considering the new library that is being build or a simple quota support
belmoreira: the new library should support hierarchical projects
belmoreira: this definitely will not be in newton
VW: right
mdorman: cool
VW: but since the new design summit format is supposed to be much more dev/ops interaction, we should work with the Glance folks to have a follow up session or two in Barcelona to help shape how things work in O
VW: but I agree - glad to see us engaging with another dev team
klindgren: so - next topic?

VW: #Topic Follow up to Town Hall on Design Summit changes
VW: was anyone here able to make ^
klindgren: Not I
VW: nor I
mdorman: nope
belmoreira: no
VW: well then :/  Looks like there is some follow up to do there
mdorman i have not been following it too closely, but other than the fact of having to travel to more events each year (which seems to be the main sticking point for people), it seems like a good plan.
VW: yeah - I agree
VW: fifieldt was saying we should starting thinking now about how we'ed like to craft the sessions in the new style format
VW: especially for Boston and beyond
VW: so we'll probably visit that a few times in future meetings, etc
mdorman: sounds good.
klindgren: One thing I wish for the Ops meetup - a lot of the same thigns get discussed over and over again
klindgren: I wish their was a better way to get the old info to the new people
VW: indeed
belmoreira: +1
VW: even the first LDT session was a lot of rehash
belmoreira: maybe a solution is to have more targeted meetings
VW: I think so
klindgren: I think the workinggroups also need to produce some form of documentation?
mdorman: yeah or even just a session for on boarding/new people interested, etc.
klindgren: like packaging always comes up.  I think a page that lists all the packaging projects
klindgren: and what they support
klindgren: would help people not ask - what do you guys do for packaging? or how do you build your own packages
VW: maybe a panel session with a contact from each working group/team
VW: on the first day?
VW: kind of like the Q/A session with the TC that we had in our first Ops stuff in ATL
VW: Each person could describe their team
VW: make etherpad references to docs
VW: and explain their goals for the team sessions at the summit
klindgren: Yea - or atleast help people get their questions targeted towards the right group of people
mriedem: sorrison: let me know if my reply to your policy question in the ops list doesn't make sense
mdorman: +1 to that idea, get people targeted toward the right group earlier than later
VW: ok - I'll start chatting with Tom about it
VW: closer in to Barcelona we'll discuss how we wan the LDT sessions structured
VW: too
VW: anything else summit related? (since that is what this topic kind of became?
VW: guess not :)

VW: #Topic August Mid-cycle
VW did you all see that a poll is out for the next Ops Mid-cycle location - http://doodle.com/poll/e4heruzps4g94syf
klindgren: not from me
klindgren: Either worked for me
VW: Yeah - just wanted to make sure LDT folks were aware.
VW: mrhillsman and I are in the group trying to plan these going forward.  We are meeting next week again to go over the results of the poll, etc
VW: so if anyone here has a preference, please update the poll ;)
mrhillsman: pretty please
klindgren: my wife would love to go to new york... because new york
mdorman: fyi i will not be at the mid cycle. :)
VW: you will be missed
belmoreira: I don't know yet if I will be able to go
VW: yeah, for you belmoreira - it probably depends on which coast it ends up on
VW: cool - next quick topic

VW: #topic Fault Genes Project
VW: Any of you pick up on this?
VW: mrhillsman did you attend the first meeting?
mdorman: i havne’t heard of it
mrhillsman: unfortunately i did not since i was not on the list at the time
VW: it's new mdorman
VW: seems like it could be useful, but I worry about overlap with other things
VW: there's a wiki - let me find it
VW: #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Fault_Genes_Working_Group
VW: anyway, it was something I thought LDT members should be aware of
VW: so I'm sharing :D
belmoreira: thanks. I wasn't aware of it
mdorman: interesting, thanks.
VW: my pleasure

VW: #topic Other Business
VW: anything else anyone wants to discuss?
mdorman: just want to note that i’ll kind of be out of pocket for the next few months for some family stuff.  so i’m not disappearing, just taking a bit of a break.
VW: no worries, mdorman
VW: take care of family
VW: it's most important
VW: alright then, we are about at time
VW: guess I should let you all get back to running clouds

VW: thank you all for joining
mdorman: thanks as always VW
VW: next meeting will be 7/22 at 03:00 UTC
belmoreira: thanks everyone
VW: alright "see" you all around
VW: #endmeeting
mdorman: later