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Table of Acronyms

Acronym Full Name Notes / Helpful Links
AI Action Item What is an action item?
API Application Programmer Interface API as defined by Wikipedia
ATC Active Technical Contributor How do I become an Active Technical Contributor?
BP Blueprint OpenStack Blueprints
CNM Container Networking Model Container Networking Model
COE Container Orchestration Engine Software to manage containers
CR Core Reviewer Core Reviewer's Guide
CRUD Create, Read, Update, Delete CRUD as defined by Wikipedia
GKE Google Container Engine GKE as defined by Google
IaaS Infrastructure as a Service IaaS as defined by Wikipedia
IRC Internet Relay Chat Our way of communicating via instant messages
K8S Kubernetes Kubernetes by Google
LB Load Balancer Load Balancing Kubernetes
ML Mailing List OpenStack_Development_Mailing_List
PBR Python Build Reasonableness Python Build Reasonableness
PTL Project Team Lead See http://docs.openstack.org/project-team-guide/
PV Persistent Volumes See https://kubernetes.io/docs/user-guide/persistent-volumes/
RC Replication Controller See https://www.openstack.org/assets/presentation-media/openstack-magnum-hands-on.pdf
TLS Transport Layer Security Transport_Layer_Security as defined by Wikipedia
WSME Web Services Made Easy Python-based framework used in OpenStack