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Inception enables you to launch OpenStack-in-OpenStack clouds, i.e., Inception Clouds, which are built entirely on top of the virtual resources acquired from today’s clouds, and provide nested VMs to end users. Inception Clouds enable:

  • Acceleration of continuous integration for open-source cloud management software such as OpenStack
  • Hypervisor flexibility: VM live migration, VM replication for high availability, instant VM spawning under high load demand, intrusion detection by customizing Dom0 firewall...
  • App-specific resource allocation: customize subscription ratio, VM consolidation
  • Low operation overhead: no physical metals, therefore no worry on issues like cooling, power, cabling, rack design, malfunctioned hardware replacement, data center real estate
  • Spanning across multiple providers: both private and public clouds over geographically wide area

Essentially, Inception Clouds enable entire control of your cloud, with even less operation overhead.


  • Scott Daniels (AT&T Labs)
  • Andrew Forrest (AT&T Labs)
  • Changbin Liu (AT&T Labs)
  • Yun Mao


  • Inception: Towards a Nested Cloud Architecture. (PDF) (Talk)

Changbin Liu, Yun Mao. 5th USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing (HotCloud), June 2013.

User guide

File:Ic user.pdf