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Heat CLI Boto migration & API rework


As tracked in [Issue 92](https://github.com/heat-api/heat/issues/92), work has been completed to get [Boto](https://github.com/boto/boto) working with heat, with the following goals:

Current status is that the API rework is essentially complete (all AWS actions which work with the existing heat CLI tool also work with the boto version of the tool).

A boto client tool, heat-boto has been merged into master, and implements all current functionality available in bin/heat. The only issue outstanding is gated on an upstream merge (see #175).

Using boto with heat

Ensure that boto is installed:

yum install python-boto

You need a /etc/boto.cfg file (or ~/.boto), which looks something like this (note the AWS keys are as returned from keystone ec2-credentials-list):

    aws_access_key_id = <key>
    aws_secret_access_key = <secret_key>

    debug = 1
    cfn_region_name = heat
    cfn_region_endpoint =

Note that heat installs a template boto.cfg, see heat/etc/boto.cfg - the Credentials section must be populated with your keystone-ec2 login details, or copy the file to ~/.boto and chmod to keep your credentials private.

You can then use the boto API directly, or make use of the heat-boto tool, which supports identical usage to the existing heat cli tool (note the output format is a bit different..)