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Heat/Blueprints/Multi Region Support for Heat

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Most of enterprises are focusing on Multi-cloud (using both private and public clouds) as enterprise cloud strategy. They will not completely migrate to Service Provider's cloud (public cloud). They will still keep their mission critical information assets to their premise or collocation space (private cloud).

Our goal is to create Hybrid-cloud (combination of public and private cloud). Creating Hybrid-cloud requires:

  • Seamless operation among heterogeneous environment
  • End-to-end automatic provisioning based on system template (VM, network, topology)
  • Unified control and monitoring
    • Multi-Hypervisor including bare-metal
    • Multi-Region control
    • Secure network access via Internet (VPN connection)


Requirements for Heat:

  • mapping between Regions and API endpoints (multi-region keystone catalog)
  • mapping between Regions and Images (Mapping section inside template)
  • specifying region for resource
  • support for VPN as resource
  • support dependencies between resource in different regions
  • horizon interface for Heat with multi regions


Multi region first use case

First Use Case Scenario (no dependencies)

We have two regions (RegionOne and RegionTwo) with separate OpenStack installations. We want to use Heat with multi region support to create in both regions:

  • Neutron Network
  • Neutron Subnet
    • in RegionOne
    • in RegionTwo
  • Router
    • Router Interface for created subnet
    • Router Gateway for external network
  • VPN Service for created router
    • IKE Policy
    • IPsec Policy
    • VPN Connection
  • Server connected to created subnet

Created servers should be able to see each other using local IP address.

First_Use_Case.template - template file for it in appendix.

Second Use Case Scenario (with dependencies)

Similar to the first use case but creation of the second server depends on the first one. We want to deploy web service (ex. wordpress) on two servers. One server with application (ex. apache and wordpress) and second server with database (ex. mysql server). Befor creating server with application we need to know the IP address of the server with database so we need to wait until it will be created.

Second_Use_Case.template - template file for it in appendix.



Components Diagram


  • more than one region (for example two: RegionOne and RegionTwo)
  • separate OpenStack installation (Nova, Glance, Swift, Neutron and Cinder) in each region
  • one Keystone service for all regions
  • one Horizon with multi region support
  • two Heat services (one in each region) which can create remote resources in other regions

First solution

Currently Heat launches the stack using context which includes:

  • keystone endpoint
  • tenant/project
  • user credentials

We will add possibility to represent the context as a template resources. This will allow us to specify for other resources which context to provision within. This soultion is more generic than multi-region because because we will be able not only specify different region but also different user credentials or tenant.

In the first version of the proposed solution we will only allow to specify different context for nested stacks.

Challenges & Problems

Challenge Solution
How to represent credentials for different clouds?  ?
How to avoid single point of failure (HA)?  ?
What is the better way to pass template file for nested stack than url to file?  ?
What should happen if one of the region fails?  ?

What needs to be done



VPN support

Blueprint for VPaaS support

Nested Stack

Property Description
context Context which will be used to create nested stack
-> tenant_name Name of the keystone project.
-> region_name Name of the region.
-> username Username of the keystone account.
-> password Password for provided username.
-> auth_url URL to the authentication service.
template nested stack template file
timeout Creation timeout in minutes
parameters Values for nested stack parameters
resources :
        type: OS::Heat::Stack
            template: { get_file: NestedStack.yaml }
                tenant_name : demo
                region_name: RegionOne
                username: { get_param: username }
                password: { get_param: password }
                parameter_name1: value_1
                parameter_name2: value_2
                parameter_name3: value_3


Existing UI views:

What about views for nested stack?

Horizon support for multi regions

Dropbox will appear only if more than one region is available in keystone catalog.

Dependencies & References


Etherpad from IceHouse design summit session


Github repository with templates

  • First_Use_Case.template
  • Second_USe_Case.template

POC version