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The DefCore Committee maintains this page

Platform and Program Capabilities

The following was approved by the OpenStack Board.

Extend the DefCore principles to allow for multiple levels: programs and platforms. Programs represent subsections of the overall platform. In some cases, it is acceptable for a program identified without being included in the platform. New programs are added at Foundation recommendation via board approval. Programs are added to the platform via board approval.

The initial programs will be Compute & Object. The DefCore platform will require the Compute program, Object program and additional capabilities.

Havana Approved: The Compute Program will consist of the following capabilities:

  • compute-servers
  • compute-volume
  • compute-quotas
  • compute-flavors
  • compute-auth
  • compute-keypairs
  • compute-servers-metadata
  • compute-floating-ips
  • compute-images
  • compute-instance-actions
  • compute-security-groups

Havana Approved: The Object Program will consist of the following capabilities:

  • objectstore-object,
  • objectstore-container

Havana Approved:: The Platform will consist of all the capabilities in the Compute and Object programs and the following capabilities:

  • images-v1
  • volume
  • volume-snapshots

Platform and Components Illustration

DefCore Platform and Programs v14.jpg