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Risk Mitigation List

This page will contain a list of possible problems that may arise during the operation of the Foundation. Add items below. We will create a mechanism to prioritize and add comments in the coming weeks.

  • If the employees of "Strategic Members" are also "Individual Members" does this mean that Strategic members effectively get counted twice?
  • Is there a risk that one company could gain a controlling majority of the board? If so, is this something we should be worried about?
  • What mechanism is used to limit the number of Strategic Members?
  • What mechanism exists to remove projects from OpenStack core if necessary?
  • Do Gold Member directors retain their elected seat if they leave the company?
  • What is the term for Gold and Platinum directors?
  • Who gets to name the representatives on the board?
  • What mechanism exists to provide transparency into the corporate affiliations of individual members?
  • What is the definition of "Strategic Alignment" with OpenStack?
  • Why are Platinum Members required to have strategic alignment, but not Gold Members or Individual Members?
  • How is "Strategic Alignment" audited?
  • What mechanism is used to limit the size of the Board to something manageable?
  • Is limiting the size of the board necessary? If so, what is the maximum size?
  • How will foundation employees be hired? Who will take charge of the hiring process? And what employees do we anticipate the foundation needing? What can be out-sourced?
  • During the drafting process, is there a need for safeguards to guarantee that the documents drafted by attorneys correspond to the community intent for the foundation? Has there been thought into how feedback from the community will be passed on to the lawyers?