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Platinum and Gold Membership Considerations

A candidate company wishing to join the OpenStack Community at the Platinum or Gold Membership level shall be reviewed by the board on a periodic basis as identified by the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors in accordance with the bylaws of the organization.

In order to provide guidelines for potential Platinum or Gold member applicants, the Board has developed a process and series of discussion points that have been defined to represent the overall interest of the OpenStack Community. These guidelines were developed as a reflection of the founding charter and mission statement of the OpenStack Foundation.

Many factors go into the decisions of the Board and it should not construed that if an applicant documents competency and demonstrated historical performance in each of the areas in the guidelines that they will be automatically admitted as a Platinum or Gold member. The OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors provides these guidelines in an effort to help organizations seeking membership provide information that is most pertinent to the decision making process.

During the course of considering Platinum or Gold member applications, the Board of Directors has broad discretion to consider any and all factors in its decision, however the following factors have been identified as being important considerations that the board will take into account:

  1. A demonstrated commitment to helping achieve the OpenStack Foundation Mission by Protecting, Empowering and Promoting OpenStack software and the community around it, including users, developers, and the entire ecosystem. (see http://wiki.openstack.org/Governance/Foundation/Mission).
  2. Demonstrated (already completed efforts) and potential (possible new efforts) on a technology and business leadership level on a global basis that the candidate has been involved in, including membership recruitment and development.
  3. Contribution to the OpenStack Community in terms of
    • Demonstrated code contribution and leadership. Identify number of developers and PTLs if any
    • Adoption of OpenStack software internally or as embedded into product delivery and roadmaps
    • Adoption of OpenStack software in the end user community
    • Demonstrated community development efforts such as education, awareness, organizational support, meetups, conference participation
    • Expansion of the Active Technical Contributor (ATC) efforts of the Foundation
    • Geographic diversity: OpenStack seeks to be a global technology initiative, and ensuring the Board membership reflects the global community is a desired goal, recognizing that companies may have presence in multiple geographies.
    • Industry diversity: OpenStack seeks to be a technology initiative that represents both developers and end users across many vertical segments such as service providers, software and hardware manufacturers, service companies, financial end users, medical end users, telecommunication end user, government and educational organizations, etc.
    • Mature and emerging corporate entities both large and start up oriented.
  4. Historical contribution to the OpenStack community across all the previous guidelines prior to the application submission and potential acceleration and expansion of these efforts post application approval.
  5. If possible provide any opportunities for integration between work currently underway or envisioned in the OpenStack Community and efforts engaged in by the applicant.
  6. If possible provide a description of future strategy for participation and leadership within the OpenStack Community.
  7. If appropriate provide the name of the individual that would lead the application process from your organization.

These factors will be evaluated in a process that has the following steps:

  • submission of an application to the OpenStack Foundation in accordance with the OpenStack Foundation bylaws
  • attendance of representatives of the candidate organization at a discussion meeting with the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors that may include and informal or formal presentation to the Board
  • a review and approval process by the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors of the candidate's application in accordance with the bylaws of the Foundation.