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March 4, 20149 a.m. Pacific Time

The following are the minutes of a meeting of the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of OpenStack Foundation, a Delaware corporation (the “Foundation”), at the offices of DLA Piper at 2000 University Avenue, East Palo Alto, CA 94303 by telephone at the above time pursuant to notice duly given to all directors. The following directors were present for all or part of the meeting:

  • Alan Clark
  • Alex Freedland
  • Randy Bias
  • Eileen Evans
  • Boris Renski
  • Brian Stevens
  • Imad Sousou
  • John Zannos
  • Joshua McKenty
  • Lew Tucker
  • Mark McLoughlin
  • Rob Hirschfeld
  • Simon Anderson
  • Sean Roberts
  • Monty Taylor
  • Tim Bell
  • Toby Ford
  • Todd Moore (by telephone)
  • Tristan Goode (by telephone)
  • Troy Toman
  • Van Lindberg
  • Vishvananda Ishaya
  • Yujie Du (by telephone)

Also present for some or all of the meeting were Mr. Bryce, Ms. Sells, Ms. Bretz and Mr. Collier (by telephone) of the Foundation, and Mark Radcliffe of DLA Piper.

Mr. Clark called the meeting to order and served as Chairman. Mr. Radcliffe served as Secretary of the meeting and record the minutes.

Report by Executive Director.

Mr. Bryce provided a report on the activities of the Foundation for 2013 and the recommendations for key goals in 2014.

Approval of Board Minutes.

Mr. Clark presented the minutes from the January 30, 2014 Board meeting. After a discussion, the Board then unanimously approved the following resolutions (with Brian Stevens abstaining because he was not present at the meeting):

RESOLVED, that minutes of the Board meeting on January 30, 2014 attached as Exhibit A is approved as amended.

Report on Definition of Core.

Mssrs. Hirschfeld and McKenty discussed the status of the work of the DefCore Committee. A Board discussion followed.

Report on Dashboard and Potential Use of Trademarks

Mr. Renski discussed the issue of verifying the compatibility of plug ins and the current dashboard providing this information. A Board discussion followed. The Board then approved the following resolution unanimously:

WHEREAS, the Board believes that it is in the best interests of the Foundation to define in more detail the principles for verifying plug ins and other additions and the extent to which the OpenStack trademarks can be utilized for this purpose.

RESOLVED, the Board refers the determination of how best to resolve this issue to the DefCore Committee.

Report of User Committee.

Tim Bell discussed the activities of the User Committee. A Board discussion followed.


Toby Ford discussed the development of enterprise grade functions in the OpenStack Project. A Board discussion followed.

Discussion of Certain Matters.

Mr. Clark noted that the next Board meeting was April 3. There being no further business before the Board and upon motion duly made and seconded, the meeting was then adjourned at 4:40 pm pacific time.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Radcliffe

Secretary of the Meeting


Alan Clark

Chairman of the Meeting

January 30, 2014 Board Minutes