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OpenStack Gold Member Call - June 27th, 1-2pm pacific

Thursday, March 27, 2016 1:00 pm | Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco, GMT-07:00) | 1 hr Join WebEx meeting

Agenda :

  • Gold member sharing
  • Discussion: rotate future Gold member call time to better accommodate Gold members from various geographically locations
  • Discussion: the need to have another F2F gold member meetings during Barcelona summit
  • Issues and discussions

Meeting notes :

Attendees : Anni (Host), Jonathan Bryce, Alan, Arkaky, Randy, Lew, Kenji, Roland, Takashi

  • Anni shared the current activities of OpenStack Day regional events and encouraged everyone to check them out and to speak at those events. Jonathan will provide a more thorough report of all the OpenStack Day regional events at the Board meeting tomorrow.
  • The group had a discussion about how to accommodate APAC and EMEA time zones for future Gold calls. It turns out there has not a lot of participation from EMEA, but there are a lot of APAC Gold members who have challenges in participating in Gold calls at 1 pm PST (4-6 am APAC time). So, the group has decided to move future gold calls to 5 pm PST to better accommodate APAC gold members.
  • The group have decided to have a F2F Gold meeting during Barcelona summit. A suggestion is to have it in a conference room with lunch brought in to facilitate more effective communication. Alan will identify a time and location and inform everyone.
  • Arkady brought up a question about the current state of Big Tent. The impression is that there are more an more big tent projects but people are not very clear about the role/function of these Big Tent projects and how they play into the overall OpenStack architecture. Jonathan has agreed to invite Monty Taylor to explain the current state of Big Tent in an upcoming Board meeting.
  • Takashi brought up the question of the collaboration between OpenStack and OPNFV. Alan explained the progress is being made and developers between the 2 communities are talking. The OPNFV key contributors are in discussion with OpenStack product WG. However, there is still a need for us to figure out a better way to facilitate collaboration.
  • Jonathan also mentioned his feedback from attending the Dockercon. The Foundation had a booth there and there was quite a bit of interest about OpenStack at Dockercon. We will still need to more about what's happening at CNCF and OCI.