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Meeting Minutes (Gold Member Call on Jan.25th)


1. Roll Call

  Alan Clark (SUSE, host), Roland Chan (Aptira), Arkady Kanevsky (Dell),
  Kenji Kaneshige (Fujitsu, meeting chair), Anni Lai (Huawei), Takashi Torii (NEC),
  Robert Esker (NetApp), Steven Hallet (Symantec)
  Any others?

2. New Gold Directors Introduction

  Roland Chan (Aptira), Fujitsu (Kenji Kaneshige), Huawei (Anni Lai) and
  Steven Hallet (Symantec) made self-introduction.

3. Meeting Format

  - Agreed on the schedule.
    Note: Conference call will be held at Mondays before the board meeting to 
    gather the inputs from gold members. Having F2F meeting before the board 
    meeting would make travel longer. To avoid this, F2F meeting would be held 
    after the board meeting during summit.

4. The discussion and approval to the proposed update to the mission statement

  - This was proposed at the board/TC/user meeting held during Tokyo summit. It 
    is to stress promoting interoperability and serving end user.
  - Several concerns and proposal are raised
    * Benefits by the specific terms (“interoperability”) are unclear.
    * Interoperability itself is important when we think of expanding OpenStack 
      ecosystem, but we need presentation in the board meeting to consider wording.
    * There are many questions from end users about multi-cloud environment.
    * We need clear definition of interoperability and to consider what actions 
      should be taken.
    * (## suddenly someone plays the guitar ##)
    * Adding “interoperability” in the statement might narrow down the 
      scope/focus of OpenStack.
    * Proposal from Robert Esker:
      To produce the ubiquitous Open Source Cloud Computing platform that will 
      meet the needs of heterogeneous public and private clouds regardless of 
      size, and interoperable among them, by being simple to implement, massively 
      scalable, and easy to use.
  - Gold members agreed not to reach consensus on this call.

5. Update to the DefCore process document

  - Understood what proposal does, but the objective is unknown.
  - One of background might be related to the linux client requirement in 
  - Will have continuous discussion on the mailing list.