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April 14, 20207:00 am PST
The following are the minutes of a meeting of the Board of Directors (the Board) of OpenStack Foundation, a Delaware corporation (the “Foundation”) at the above time pursuant to notice duly given to all directors. The following directors were present by phone for all or part of the meeting:
Alan Clark
Allison Randal
Amy Marrich
Arkady Kanevsky
Chris Price
Clemens Hardewig
Daniel Becker
Fred Li
Johan Christenson
Julia Kreger
Kurt Garloff
Li Kai
Mark Skarpness
Mohammed Naser
Prakash Ramchandran
Ryan Beisner
Ryan Van Wyk
Ruan HE
Shane Wang
Tim Bell
Xin Zhong
Vijoy Pandey

Also present for some or all of the meeting was Jonathan Bryce, Mark Collier, Allison Price, Danney Carreno, Erin Disney, Thierry Carrey, Wes Wilson and Claire Massey of the Foundation. Mr. Clark called the meeting to order and provided an overview of the agenda. He also served as Chairman and asked Mr. Radcliffe to act as Secretary of the meeting and record the minutes.

Approval of Board Minutes.

Mr. Clark presented the minutes from the December 10, 2019. Upon a motion duly made and seconded, the following resolution was approved by the Board (Li Kai, Xin Zhong, Kurt Garloff, Julia Kreger, Amy Marrich and Mohammed Naser recused themselves because they did not attend the December 10, 2019):
RESOLVED, that minutes of the Board meeting on December 10, 2019 attached as Exhibit A is approved.

Approval of Board Minutes.

Mr. Clark presented the minutes from the January 28, 2020. Upon a motion duly made and seconded, the following resolution was approved by the Board:
RESOLVED, that minutes of the Board meeting on January 28, 2020 attached as Exhibit B is approved.

Recruitment Committee Report.

Mr. Christenson reported on the activities of the Recruitment Committee.

Compensation Committee Report.

Mr. Clark discussed the results of the meeting of the Compensation Committee on February 25, 2020 summarized their recommendations for 2020 Goals and Metrics for the Executive Director are set forth in Exhibit C. A Board discussion followed. Upon a motion duly made and seconded, the following resolution was approved by the Board:
Template:Anchor RESOLVED, that the recommendations of the Compensation Committee set forth in Exhibit C is approved.

Finance Committee Report.

Mr. Kanevsky reported on the activities of the Finance Committee.

Interop Working Group Report.

Mr. Ramchandran reported on the proposed activities of the Interop Working Group which will be restarted.

Vice Chair Election.

Mr. Clark discussed the role of the Vice Chair of the Board and the desire that the role be filled. A Board discussion followed.

Report of Executive Director.

Mr. Bryce provided an overview of the future activities of the Foundation and requested Mr. Collier provide more detail. Mr. Collier discussed the strategy for the future of the Foundation.

Meeting Close.

There being no further business before the Board and upon motion duly made and seconded, the meeting was then adjourned at 9:00 am PST.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Radcliffe
Secretary of the Meeting

Exhibit ADecember 10, 2019 Board Minutes

Exhibit BJanuary 28, 2020 Board Minutes

Exhibit CExecutive Director Goals & Metrics

Complete strategic plan for the future of the OSF

Activities:== Gather information from ecosystem and new companies to understand the market needs for F/OSS foundations. ==

Work with Board to propose an updated member and funding model.

Metric: Updated model presented for Board consideration.
Metric: Achieve necessary revenue commitments beyond 2020 through renewals of existing funding companies and recruitment of new funding companies.
= Strengthen OpenStack and build Open Infrastructure brand =

Activities:== Engage closely, including at executive levels, with commercial ecosystem and operator organizations to reinforce opportunity and value of participation with data such as project maturity and security, cost advantages, market size, active users, and servers deployed/managed. ==

Expand the pool of projects and companies who are collaborating under our organized activities.

Metric: Get 2 new projects/programs started up in 2020 that expand the range of companies and technology we engage with.
Metric: 10 user stories that cover successful deployments of open infrastructure including Open Infrastructure Projects.

Manage the operational and financial aspect of the business

Metric: Manage the Foundation at or under the approved 2020 net budget.
Metric: Execute at least 2 events to drive community collaboration and marketing messages.