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Joint Meeting with the Technical Committee and Board of Directors - May 11, 2014 Meeting

The OpenStack Foundation Technical Committee and Board of Directors will meet at 3:00pm - 5:00pm on May 11, 2014. This will be an in person meeting.

Location: Room B403

Meeting Location

3:00 - 5:00pm: Board & TC Meeting Room B403, Building B - Georgia World Congress Center

6:30pm - 8:30pm: Dinner for the Board, TC, UC & Foundation Staff Der Biergarten (2 blocks from the Omni / Georgia World Congress Center) 300 Marietta St NW


  1. Introductions (15 min)
    1. (Homework reading for the Board: Is there a quick history of the TC and the how the TC has changed in the past couple years?)
  2. How can we improve respect, collaboration and communication between the TC and the Board? (15 min)
  3. Grow the Community (60 min)
    1. Building an external view of the technology and business goals
    2. How to recognize non-technical contributions and technical contributors in ecosystem
    3. Utilizing project and product management within OpenStack
    4. Ensuring we have sufficient number of code reviewers to support innovation pace
    5. Integrating user committee feedback into the development process
    6. Improve deployers and end users interaction with the community
    7. How do we enable/engage the API consumers who are proxy for users
    8. Dev participation in Design Summits
    9. How to increase developer attendance
    10. Feedback on the travel support program
    11. CLA
  4. Process and procedures (20 min)
    1. Clarify devs usage of the OpenStack trademark
    2. Elections
      1. Feedback on the individual director election process
  5. Open Floor (20 min)