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Proposal: get openstack-common a proper PTL


openstack-common used to be run by "all PTLs". However it only really took off once some specific leadership emerged for it, so it now has a specific lead. Given the importance of convergence to Commonality (one of the OpenStack-wide goals that the PPB is set to protect), it sounds fair that the openstack-common lead is considered a proper PTL, with the automatic TC seat that it entails.

Corresponding public discussion

Accommodate that change

openstack-common is an official OpenStack project belonging to the recently-defined Library category. Library projects currently do not get specific PTLs, so we need to adapt our rules if we want to support that proposal.

The solution is to consider that upon acceptation of a Library project, the PPB/TC can either attach it to another Core/Library project (and therefore inherit its existing PTL), or consider that it should have its own PTL. The TC charter can be modified to reflect that.

For the current existing Library projects, we would decide that Python client libraries get attached to the corresponding server project PTL, while openstack-common gets its own PTL.

Vote options

  • "No": Do not grant openstack-common a PTL, keep the situation as-is.
  • "Yes": Modify the TC charter as suggested above. Grant openstack-common its own PTL under that new rule.
  • "Abstain": I don't care

Vote results

Yes (10): anotherjesse, johnpur, vishy, heckj, jaypipes, jk0, ttx, danwent, devcamcar, pvo