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Zuul Gearman Job Runner (OpenStack Infrastructure)

The OpenStack project runs a fairly extensive CI infrastructure to test every single change proposed to OpenStack. The scheduling and orchestration of these tests is managed by Zuul using the Gearman protocol to run jobs on Jenkins registered as gearman workers which distributes work out to its slaves.

Proposed Idea

Extend the existing turbo hipster gearman worker to consume Jenkins Job Builder yaml configs allowing it to replace Jenkins slaves as job runners. This will require turbo-hipster to be compatible with JJB configs or transformed versions. It is not desired that turbo-hipster reaches feature-parity with Jenkins but rather is capable of running the jobs that openstack-infra currently does. This will likely involve interpreting which shell scripts and the order they should run for a test.

Difficulty: Topics: Mentor(s): Joshua Hesketh