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Implement an application-level FWaaS driver

Difficulty Medium
Topics drivers, python, networking, fwaas, neutron
Mentor Balint Kovacs, Szilard Pfeiffer

The FWaaS extension provides OpenStack users with the ability to deploy firewalls to protect their networks. While OpenStack's long term goal for FWaaS is to make it very feature rich, the current reference implementation only allows for basic perimeter firewalling capabilities using IPTables. Implementing an application-level firewall driver for the FWaaS framework will not only enable to users to enforce stricter security policies but also let OpenStack evaluate the API, resource model and usability of this feature on the long term.

Assumed Knowledge

  • Python - basics, class/module management
  • Basic comprehension of C/C++ code
  • Linux networking - TCP/IP, routing, iptables
  • Command Line - a little bit of git, code editing, navigation

Project Goals

  • Provide a Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) driver for Zorp application level firewall that has the same functionality as the Iptables reference implementation
  • Provide high code coverage by applying TDD rules during development
  • The resulting code should comply with Clean Code principles

Project Nice-to-Haves

  • Provide setup documentation (at least a README)
  • Provide suggestions for further API extension to work with application-level firewalls

Students' proposals

Student Proposal Link
Dániel Csubák https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/GSoC2014/Student/Daniel_Csubak