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Lists Etherpads from the Folsom Summit in San Francisco in April 2012. Please add yours here. Place it in the right track please.

IRC Channels per room are listed at the bottom of the page

Dependency management
Common configuration patterns
Folsom release schedule
Baking area for features
openstack-common: progress and plans
Stable Branch: maintenance and releases
OpenStack client tools (or unified tool)
Python 3 and G
Standardizing database management across projects
Show-n-tell API Site
Folsom documentation priorities
Content Sharing and Documentation
Light-docs: articles, fast fixes, and priorities
Breakout of Volume as its own service
Shared filesystems in Nova
Boot From Volume
Thread Model And Concurrency
Performance and Caching in Nova
Distributed RPC: code & architecture analysis
Compute cells presentation
XenAPI (XenServer/XCP) Folsom Roadmap
Image caching, where to from here
Bare metal clouds: Tilera, IPMI, vPro
Split Nova and make it more pluggable
Versioning the Nova RPC APIs
Nove Host Aggregates v2
Implementing an IaaS Standard (CIMI) for Nova
Nova Service Management
Make Nova Tenant related data pluggable
config drive improvements
Support for ARM processors
Guests: networking part uno
Nova VM State Management(take 2)
Nova Orchestration)
Per-instance package configuration via Nova
Security Improvements in Folsom
Ops pain points
Nova EC2 compatibility
Host Matchmaking
Guest agents support and implementation
RBAC, Again...
Trust delegation and federation
Keystone secret storage
Keystone code structure
multifactor auth
PKI support
Middleware and additional info flow
v.Next API
Token API
Bridging the HPC Gap using OpenStack
De-provisioning auto-backup
Test Strategy, Processes, and Quality Metrics
Automating Complex Deployment Testing
Smoke Testing Realistic Deployments
Performance Testing OpenStack
Leverage backend store capabilities
nova use of read-only/public glance server
Resource rationing in Glance
Backend Image Auto-Detection
Image Replication
Aligning Swift with the rest of OpenStack
python-swiftclient library
Implementing a Cloud Storage Standard for Swift
Swift Quotas
Swift Cluster Monitoring With StatsD
Swift Versioning and Distributed Dedup
Horizon Folsom Roadmap
Horizon and eco-system project integration
Building on Horizon
OpenStack UX
Horizon and Swift Recon Integration
Horizon and Quantum Integration
Quantum track
High Availability in OpenStack
Federated Zones with Service Catalogs
Common Image Properties
Efficient Metering
Base Packaging Guidelines
Instrumenting OpenStack
OpenStack and Operations: Getting Real
Making Configuration Easier
DevstackPY: yummie
Ryu Network Operating System
OpenVZ Linux Containers
Dough: OpenStack Billing Project
Communication: IRC, MLs...
Bug handling improvements
Fog and OpenStack Developer Meetup
Zombie Bunnies
I18N in OpenStack
Reddwarf PaaS Building Blocks
PyPI, Client Libraries, and CLP
Common Testing Interface
Service Relationships
How to track community contributions
[ Puppet/OpenStack]
Java bindings for OpenStack
API Extensions: the good, the bad, and the ugly
Open Space
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Summit IRC Channels - Per Room

Each channel is also getting logged, viewable via HTTP

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