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State of Metering

Etherpad: http://etherpad.openstack.org/grizzly-ceilometer-state-of-metering

Describe the state and direction of the project, leaving plenty of time at the end for discussion of future direction and questions.

  • Project Goals
    • metering, not monitoring
    • pluggable behaviors
    • meter sources
    • meter interpretations
    • storage
    • reusable messaging
    • swap out unused parts (turning off meters, using a different system for storing, etc.)
    • etc.
  • Architecture
  • API basics
    • examples of supported queries
    • find updated resources
    • duration & volume calculations
    • raw events
  • Implemented Meters
    • instance hours (including flavor variation)
    • CPU time
    • disk I/O
    • RAM allocation
    • VCPU allocation
    • root disk size
    • ephemeral disk size
    • floating IP allocation
  • Grizzly Work To Be Done
    • complete notification integration with other projects
    • emit more notifications
    • emit meter messages directly instead of converting notifications
    • more meters
      • volume
      • network bandwidth
      • replace RPC-based meter messages with simpler notifications
      • easier for non-OpenStack code to send meter messages
  • integrate with Horizon for users to see their data
  • Getting the Code
  • Questions