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Dragonflow Neutron Implementation

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What is Dragonflow?

Dragonflow is a distributed SDN controller for OpenStack® Neutron™ supporting distributed Switching, Routing, DHCP and more.

Our project mission is to implement advanced networking services in a manner that is efficient, elegant and simple.

Dragonflow is designed to support large scale deployments with a focus on latency and performance, as well as providing advanced innovative services that run locally on each compute node, with container technology in mind.

Dragonflow Mission Statement

  • Implement Neutron APIs using SDN principles, while keeping both Plug-in and Implementation fully under OpenStack project and governance.
  • 100% open source, contributors are welcome to partner and share a mutual vision.
  • Lightweight and Simple in terms of code size and complexity, so new users / contributors have a simple and fast ramp-up.
  • Aim for performance-intensive environments, where latency is a big deal, while being small and intuitive enough to run on small ones as well.
  • Completely pluggable design, easy to extend and enhance.
  • We *truly* believe in a distributed control plane.

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Dragonflow Roadmap

The following topics are areas we are examining for future features and roadmap into Dragonflow project

  • Containers
  • Distributed SNAT/DNAT
  • Reactive DB
  • Topology Service Injection / Service Chaining
  • Smart NICs
  • Hierarchical Port Binding (SDN ToR)
  • Inter Cloud Connectivity (Border Gateway / L2GW)
  • Fault Detection

Queens vPTG

The list of topics to be discussed during Queens vPTG is maintained over etherpad