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Config Reference

Config Ref is versioned.

Tooling : autohelp.py and friends in openstack-doc-tools


People having shown an interest in the config ref:

  • Gauvain Pocentek
  • Stephen Gordon
  • Christian Berendt
  • Emett Speer
  • pratap vedula(pratapvedula@gmail.com)
  • ...

Work in progress

Ideas (to be discussed/organised)

  • Go through the guide and update old/deprecated information
  • From the ops summit: improve the information about config files in which options can be found
  • Common sections: how to configure AMQP/Database/Keystone middleware.... -> this is common to all projects
  • How do we handle third party drivers documentation (nova/cinder/neutron) ? http://specs.openstack.org/openstack/docs-specs/specs/kilo/move-driver-docs.html