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Design Summit/SchedulingForPTLs

To enter design summit sessions in the schedule we use a tool called Cheddar [1].

Once the track/room layout is proposed and approved, the Design Summit sched.org site will show placeholder sessions.

You will notice that this sched includes the "keynotes" and "main conference" sessions so that you can produce all your schedule in one place, rather than have to jump around schedules. This sched is specific for Design Summit attendees -- the general attendance is redirected to the main conference sched which does not contain the Design Summit sessions, to avoid confusion and limit overflow.

In the Design Summit sched you can point your project teams to specific track content by giving them specific subtype URLs like:


PTLs can edit their track contents using a specific website which will be set up at: http://design-summit-prep.openstack.org/

This site, powerred by Cheddar, lets you directly edit some aspects of the sched.org schedule:

  • You can change title of your fishbowl sessions (but the track name prefix will be enforced)
  • You can change descriptions in your fishbowl and workroom sessions (including links using <a href=...>...</a> syntax)
  • You can add an etherpad link to your Friday contributor meetup
  • You can make any session also appear in other tracks. For example if you plan an "Ops feedback" session, you can make your session also appear on the "Ops" track in order to attract them.


  • You can't change time, room, or session type (so you can't break the world)
  • You can't give a workroom a non-boring title (as a preventive measure to avoid overflowing the 20-seat-only work rooms with random bystanders)
  • You can't change the description of your meetup (beyond adding an etherpad link)
  • You can't atomically swap slots (you'll have to edit both sides)

Changes will immediately be pushed to the live sched (note that sometimes the sched.org website has a slight delay). Cheddar has no real state, the data lives on sched.

You can delegate the right to change the track contents to anyone of your choosing. Just let me know and I'll add them to the admin list for your track.