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Design Summit/RemoteParticipation

Work in progress

This page is used to coordinate efforts to bring remote participation to the Folsom Design Summit.

Remote participation to the OpenStack Design Summit

The OpenStack Design Summit is incredibly and increasingly popular and we want it to be as inclusive as possible. Use this page to coordinate the effort to enable remote participation.

Things needed in each meeting room

- 1 omnidirectional microphone to capture discussions and questions
- 1 streaming client hooked to a public icecast streaming server 
- 1 IRC channel per room
- 1 projector showing the content of the IRC channel
- 1 projector available for collaborative note taking via etherpad

Equipment needed: best case scenario (minimum)

- 2 white screens (1 screen)
- 2 projectors (1 projector)
- 1 computer for audio streaming and to show IRC connection
- 1 omnidirectional microphone

In each room, the person taking notes will hook up his/her laptop to the projector showing the etherpad, while the other screen will show people from remote.

We may give up on the projector+screen showing the irc channel and rely on volunteers monitoring IRC during the meeting (minimum requirement).

A public icecast server needs to be setup and run during the event.

Things needed for plenary session

- full audio/video service
- IRC channel, not shown but monitored in case there are interesting questions

The hotel need to give access to a wired ethernet connection in order to save wifi bandwidth and provide 100mbit bidirectional access to Internet, dedicated to the summit (not shared with other events or the hotel itself).