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Design Summit/Grizzly

Grizzly Design Summit

What is a Design Summit ?

Please see Summit for more details on how the Design Summit track works !

Event information

Date: October 15-18, 2012

The format of Design Summit for Grizzly is slightly different than before. It will span during all 4 days, no invitation is required to participate (anyone can join it, only capped by the capacity of the location). The details were discussed during an online meeting with the community.

Design Summit Topics

  • Process: Development processes and tools, release schedule, core infrastructure (ttx)
  • openstack-common: Common code between core projects (markmc)
  • Swift: OpenStack Object Storage (notmyname)
  • Nova: OpenStack Compute (except volume and network talks) (vishy)
  • Cinder: OpenStack Block Storage service, and the future of Nova volumes (john-griffith)
  • Keystone: OpenStack Identity (heckj)
  • Glance: OpenStack Image service (bcwaldon)
  • Horizon: OpenStack Dashboard (gabrielhurley)
  • Quantum: OpenStack Network service, and the future of Nova networking (danwent)
  • Documentation: Future efforts on documentation (annegentle)
  • QA: Quality assurance, unit tests, integration tests, Tempest... (davidkranz)


The schedule for the "Design Summit" part of the OpenStack Summit is at:



In addition to predefined topics, we have room for everyone else. We have an Unconference room with empty slots, open from Tuesday to Thursday. There will be a grid posted on a wall at the Summit, where you can book your own slot to discuss anything related to OpenStack. First come, first serve.

Lightning talks

On Monday - Wednesday after lunch, there will be a series of 5-min long lightning presentations that you can book to talk about anything you want, including teasing people so that they will come to your presentation afterwards. There will be a grid posted on a wall at the Summit... First come, first serve. Dave Walker (Daviey) will be your host and will make sure you don't go beyond the allowed 5 minutes !


Questions ? Help ?

Contact Thierry Carrez at thierry<-A-T->openstack.org