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If you're interested in the user experience and/or visual design of OpenStack, the documents on this page will help you get to speed with the current implementation of design and provide guidance when creating new designs. The overall goal for the design community is to ensure consistency across the entire project and share design solutions that may help others build their features. Each document should be considered a work in progress – they will continue to change and grow as the community expands and the design of OpenStack evolves. These documents are also hosted on GitHub to allow community members to download the source files and propose edits and additions.

The Process

The Process document proposes the structure for submitting design blueprints, evaluating them against the HIG, and revising them for inclusion in the Model document.


The Human Interface Guidelines document defines the criteria used to evaluate design blueprints and seeks to unify interactions and visual designs across the many contributions to the OpenStack dashboard.

Note: The CLI has a separate HIG, see UnifiedCLI/HumanInterfaceGuidelines

The Model

The Model captures the current state of the OpenStack dashboard and serves as the foundation for further feature build outs.